Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Muhammad Saim
3 min readDec 31, 2020


My Eating that frog moment with a Pomodoro is this blog itself. I completed the online course the day before yesterday and thought about getting done with the blog on the same night. But thanks to procrastination, I couldn’t do it and the fun-loving monkey inside me asked me to do it the next day!
For some reason I couldn't do it the next day either, so now, after I came back from the office I decided to be done with it right now!

Timer set!

Version 1.0: So the timer for 25 minutes is set, but I think I’ll be done with this blog in one attempt as I am currently working as a content writer so I have a good typing speed. Or it might be that my inner fun-loving monkey is saying that! Only one way to find out. Let's do AMAL.

Version 2.0: So my timer just rang and I am still working on my AMAL Resume template. Break time!

Version 3.0: Currently at the Rockstar Ruqayya section! Going good so far and fully focused. break time!

Looking at the guidelines to write according to

So is it difficult for me? probably not. As I am working in the writing field for the last three months so I think I can manage to do this easily. So far it is not that difficult.

It got a bit difficult to stay focused since someone came at the door and I had to get it. But overall so far, so good.

Adding a bit of innovation to this Pomodoro idea.

So one thing that I do at the office which helps me in staying focused is that I turn off the internet on my cell-phone to stay focused. So to take things a step further, I did the same thing here after setting up my timer and no distractions till now!

Let’ take things up a notch!

So far, it's been pretty easy for me, and I am almost done with my blog. But to take things a little further, I am now going to try and finish the 2nd course as well in this time frame. I have completed 48% of it already. I think that I can finish that in the space of one break or so. Let’s get started!

Working on my 2nd session after the break. Managed to reach the Rockstar Ruqayya section. One more break and I think I’ll be done with it.


It started pretty easy and then I stepped it up. I managed to complete my 2nd online course with the help of this technique. 25 minutes are not that long I think and I felt very productive in those 25 minutes! I am going to use this technique for many tasks like this. Cheers!